phpAlbum v0.3.1 released !!


just before a new year i have now released new version. Actually it should be a bugfix but because of new "Comments" functionality i made a new release.
So what is changed in this version:

  • You can now post comments on pictures, this functionality is defalut disabled. You must enable it in new section in Setup (Comments and Votings). You can add new comment, with optional name and email. All help texts are in english, but this will be changed in new bugfix so you can easily edit all texts in application. As there is no possibility to delete comments or view all comments, this is not really recomeded to use it. All this comes in few days.
  • Now you can put screenshots for movies and audios. Actually for all files, but only videos and movies will be displayed also without screenshot, with default thumbnail as before. Screenshot naming is as following:

phpAlbum v0.3.0 released !!


today i released new version of phpAlbum. Version number 0.3.0.

Following new features are aviable:

  • with admin section now you can create new directories, upload photos and deleting them from phpAlbum. This is functional also with safe_mode=on because of using FTP for doing this job. If you install phpAlbum with wisard, the FTP parameters are automatically in main setup aviable. Otherwiese you must set this two parameter yourself.

Example installations of phpAlbum

On this page i would like to present you some example installations of

First look at this clear and nice integration of phpAlbum on Badener Zeitung site.

Resizing photos with ImageMagick

Do you have the same problem as i had? As i had before i knew ImageMagick. Always if i wanted to upload photos i had to reisze them each, one by one. I made it in Gimp, may be you are using photo editor like Photoshop or something else. This was very slow and boring.

That's why, i would like to introduce you ImageMagick.
This is very useful package of programms. You can use it for creating, converting manipulating of pictures.

phpAlbum v0.2.4 released !!

Today i released new version of phpAlbum.
Many bugs has been fixed. Here is short description of new features:

  • new installation should be even easier as befor. More error messages are implemented to help the user by the installation.
  • all visible texts are now customisable, even invisible setup link is possible
  • character set encoding is now changable, default is UTF-8
  • few chache options are now implemented, now you can switch if you want cache thumbnails and resized photos. Until now there were only thumbnails cached. As i realised that many people upload full size photos, and resizing of them is quite slow. I thought for those people is this interesting feature.

Documentation - phpAlbum

29.11.2005 - actual release phpAlbum_v0.2.4

This document handles about installation, setting up and using of phpAlbum.

It always describes actual released version.
In the next versions i try to make a link to this document in setup page of phpAlbum.

1. Installation
There are two possibilities how to install phpAlbum. For automatic and very easy installation go to INSTALL section. There you can install phpAlbum on your ftp-server just in few seconds. This is almost the best way for installing phpAlbum. Especially for people not comming from programmers or some other computer freak community. If you want to install phpAlbum manually then the following description should help you.

First you have to DOWNLOAD actual version of phpAlbum. It is recomended to have always the newest update, as this is an early stage of developing this tool.

Reporting bug and getting help

Here you can post bugs, if you have some. Please always describe the version of phpAlbum, version of PHP and type of server you are using. The best way is also to give some link to the page where we can see the bug.

Remark: If you have problems with english just write an email in one of following language : English,German (Deutsch),Slovak (Slovensky),Tschechisch (Cesky),Hungarian (Magyar)

phpAlbum v0.2.3 released !!


today i have released new version of phpAlbum.

There are few bug fixies, and added new features.

  • long description of Gallery/ Directory
  • short and long description of Photos. Under thumbnails is only short one displayed.
  • for setting up the directory and phots descriptions, click on the directory link in Setup / Directories

I hope you will like it, so DOWNLOAD it and try it ...

Size settings in phpAlbum v0.2.2

Yesterday (22.11.2005) i have released new version of phpAlbum. The only new functionality (besides some eliminated bugs) is the size settings of thumbnails and photos. As this is not really self explaining (shame on me!), here you have short description of what you can do.

New PHP Photo Album - phpAlbum v0.2.1 released.

New version of phpAlbum is out! Check out new screenshots !
There are some new features like color customisation, themes support ( actually under construction ) with hey, 1 theme :)

But if you choose custom style, you can change all color settings so it is quite better then before.
Now you can generate your logo, type text for it and color and you get shadowed dynamic generated logo.
Also the directory icons are dynamicly generate with correct background color.

I made also som bugfixing. So try it and use it!

Have a nice day!

PHP Photo Album -

Why did i started to programm this PHP Photo Album.

First, i was always searching for some easy to use and install PHP Album. As i am programmer i have never found something what i really liked.

I needed something where i only have to upload my new photos and that's it. No thumbnails regenerating, no static page Photo album generator, just create new directory and upload my photos with FTP or SFTP.

I needed some script which does not need any database, it should use file system, PHP and nothing else.

I also needed something where i can easily setup passwords for som directories or just with one click disable some others visibility and so on...

Installing of phpAlbum

Installation of phpAlbum is now even easier as before.

Just go to the INSTALL section and install it out of this site on your ftp-server. It is very easy and all you have to do after this is upload your photos with FTP. All directories are created autmatically and there will be alsou photo_xyxyx subdirectory where you can upload your images.

If you want manually install phpAlbum then the following description of it can surely help you.

First you have to download actual version of phpAlbum. It is recomended to have always the newest update, as this is an early stage of developing this tool.
Untar downloaded file and upload it to your webspace. Best way is to have an extra directory for this i.e. phpAlbum.

First release of phpAlbum

Welcom on phpAlbum internet site.
Today we have released the first version of phpAlbum.
Our intention is to make an easy to install and run php-Script for showing your photos to your friends.
Only you have to do after installing is upload your photos with ftp or sftp.This script makes automatically thumbnails, stores these in cache. I hope you will find in phpAlbum
exactly what you was searching for, as i did. Note that this is not even alpha release, in next versions will come some more comfort for configuration and setting up this application.


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