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I played yesterday a little bit with which I am using for this site. I installed new module in it, named Subscriptions. From now, users are able to subscribe the content on this site. So if something new comes the subscriber will get a notification email.
Obviously this functionality is available only for registered users.

You can subscribe some of categories in My Subscriptions. You can also subscribe separate Forum threads, so if somebody puts new comment on it, you’ll get an email about it.

The E-Mails are sent to your email address in your account and are sent every hour. It can take up to one hour from new Content to the point you get your email. 0.4.1-14_fix01

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First released: Mon, 2007-08-20 20:58

Fixed the problem with antispam pictures.
It was a bug in phpAlbum which caused sending of wrong headers for these pictures. Some web servers displayed then internal server error instead of the picture.

Only changed file is main.php newsletter 27.05.2007

Dear users,

This is our first newsletter, so if you feel it is a “spam” for you, please use the link on the bottom of this email to unsubscribe from the phpAlbum Newsletter. If that doesn't work for you, just send us an email at info(at)

Many of you are using the script for your photo galleries. Maybe you were unaware, but there is a new version of this script, which is no longer in beta phase. It has many more features than the older 0.3.x versions, including:

User Management | IPTC-support | E-Cards | Improved Setup section | Faster and more secure

You can download the new version here

phpAlbum v4 0.4.1-14

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First released: Sat, 2007-05-26 19:35

This is the first 0.4.1 Release with no BETA status, I think the most important bugs are not there and so this is quite usable and very easily updateable version.

Fixed several bugs, no new features.

And you can now use our web installer, which now installs and updates 0.4.x Version.

The version 0.3.x is not more supported.

Screenshots for audio and video files

As you probably know, you can put audio and video files in your album.

The problem with this is that you can not automatically generate thumbnails for these files. At least there is no easy way to do it.

If you do nothing but put the files in directories, they will be displayed in album with generic video and audio thumbnail. But you can change this behaviour of phpAlbum.

Let say you have video file MOV_0001.AVI in your album. You can very easy create a screenshot locally on your computer. For example with playing the video and taking a screenshot of it and saving this as an image (PNG or JPG).

Basics of phpAlbum Script

So, what are the basic functions an online Photo Album / Gallery should have?

  • possibility to upload pictures or photos
  • adding this pictures to the album

So let us begin with the first and most important feature:

Uploading pictures and photos

Basically there are two variants in phpAlbum how you can upload new pictures on your server.

The first one is to use your preferred FTP or SFTP Client. Just put the photos to your PHOTO_DIR (This is the Photos directory which you have to setup in Setup->Main Setup).
For new photos you can freely create new directories or subdirectories. These will be displayed as Albums in your PHP Photo Album.

Installation Guide

Installation of phpAlbum v0.4.x is very easy but you should know how to use an FTP client and how to change attributes (rights) on directories on your hosting system. If you do not know this you will have to wait until the automatic installer (which is now available only for the stable version) is available for this version.

Report new bugs and requests as an issue in related project.

From now you can report new bugs and requests in our new installed tracking system. Currently exists only one Project "phpAlbum Beta".

You can use the link "Report Bug" on the top right side of this page. Or you can navigate trough the "phpAlbum beta" menu point ond the left side and there post any issue you have.

This is much better for me an also for you. I have now always actual list of not fixed bugs and issues. And you can every time check the status of your or of any other bugs you are interested in. You can see if it will be fixed, if it was already fixed and so on.

You can also subscribe your own bugs or all bugs so you get emails when any change to this reports happens.

I thought we were going to have a new version in September 2006

I thought the new version would come out in September 2006, but nothing has come. The home page of this site doesn't even have any new information for months. Is this project dead I guess?

Showing pictures for directories instead of folder icon.

Many people asked for this feature, i.e. showing picture thumbnails for folders instead of folder icons.
This is not possible out of box for this version, it will be in the next version, but who knows when it comes :)

So i decided to put some basic dir.tpl.php modification to do this job. You can use it for Flowing dark theme, it will always take the first picture in the directory, if none found then it displays the icon as before. It looks better if you have some short descriptions to your folders which are not too long in width, remember you can use in this descriptions html tags like <br> to make line brakes.

Of course this is only a first attempt to make this feature aviable, not evrybody need this. To install this just copy and past this code to your dir.tpl.php or download the zipped dir.tpl.php file and copy this to your theme directory ( i.e. themes/Flowing_Dark/ )

Further discussions or improovings are welcome. This is a forum topic, just also displayed on the front page.
Here is the code for the dir.tpl.php or downlaod it here, it is attached to this, topic.

New forum categories


i have little bit reorganized the forum, because it was not so good. I moved old topics to the right categories. Some of topics like Reporting the bugs and getting help are now closed, as this was not the right way to do this. I created new forums where you can create your own topics. This is much better as if everyone is answering to one topic. On begining this was enough, but i never thought that this script becomes so popular.
If you have any ideas for new forums or categories, just write it here.

New rules on posting, news on developing next version

Last few days i had a lot of dummy not so nice posts or comments, which i have always to delete. That's why now is anonymous posting no more aviable for you. If you have some question, send me a email or even better register here on the page, and create new forum topic and share your problems with all of us.

Regarding the developing of next version, it can takes one or two weak to have it finished. I am now implementing phpDatabase in phpAlbum. It makes now even more fun to programm this, it so much easier if you can easily select data from tables, order them , delete or what ever :) And still without third party Database, still easy to install and now also EASY to develop.

phpAlbum now under GNU/GPL

I changed the License info in the newest version today to GNU General Public License version 2.
I don't think this is some important step for this script but i thought it would be so better.
I'am using so many GPL Licensed programs, this could by the first i has cotributed to this huge community.
So from today this is an Open Source Programm :)

Have a nice day!

phpAlbum v0.3.2 released !!

Today i released new version of phpAlbum. Actual version is 0.3.2. Hope you have seen that now you can use Install Wizard also for upgrades of version 0.2.1 and newer. For older versions it's not recomended.

There are few new features implemented.

  • it is now possible disable visibility of directories
  • also you can change sorting for all directories. You can sort the files by name, filename, and date. Ascending and descending. Name of a picture is short description if existing or filename. For directory it is the alias or directory name. When sorting by date the program takes the creation date/time of file/directory. If you set up default sorting for directory, it will be sorted depending on default sort-setting in main-setup.
  • you can now put an alias name for directories, which are then displayed instead of directory name.

There were also multiple bugs fixed, most of them posted you, so Thank you all helping me to make this script usable.
One more thing, if you like you can see our access statistics on Statistics.

Have a nice day!

Bugfix #1 & #2 for 0.3.1 vesrion released.

Actual released version is now I have released it today morning (CET). Most functionality is the same. But many bugfixies are made and now you can fully administer the comments your visitors are putting on your pictures.

In comments section of setup, you can now see if there are som new comments on pictures. You have two options. You can Approve the message so it will be no mor visible on the list but visible under the Picture. Or you can Delete it from both , this list and under the picture. If you already putted the setup pasword you can delete the messeges also under the pictures. This can you do also if you already approved the message. There is some default filtering on messages so all html tags which visitors enter will be displayed as text.


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