Awesome album, btw...

This is what I'm thinking (several things follow)...
I would like some way of knowing which users in my Users list are new. Maybe add a field to the Users table that displays their access level? Or add registration date to the same table.

So far everyone starts out as a "guest" and I manually change their access level to allow them to see other albums. Problem is I sometimes can't remember who I've set rights for, and have to hunt through several users till I find the point where new users begin.

Email notifications? Can we do this. I would like to be notified when new users register, and possibly when comments are made.

Maybe email notifications to the user on access change. I imagine I could probably write little mailto: button to do this manually.

Which brings me to email activation? Even at the default registered user's access level the user still has to verify through an email message before the user can access the albums at any level?

I realize the email features are SMTP stuff, but they would be cool.

I know this is a lot of stuff, and some of it probably belongs in the "Request" section, but maybe someone out there has some self worked solutions to some of these things?

Not of interest to

Not of interest to anyone?
None of this stuff?

*sheds a tear*

Of course this are

Of course this are interesting ideas! :) And it would be no problem to implement them all. PA is already sending emails when e-card is created and viewed.

I am sure I will implement them, but not in the next release, may be in overnext one :)


I've been browsing over your

I've been browsing over your source and thinking about implementing some ideas.

The biggest idea being to sort by number of views and/or votes.
But I am not a php developer (.net, c, c++, even assembler, but never php for some reason). I'm trying to get a grip on how php is structured, and on your methodologies. Once I get a handle on that its just programming from there on out.


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