How to reset image view counter

How do I reset the image view counter? I've been working on my gallery and have viewed several of my images to test my settings and I'd like to reset the counter before I make the gallery public.

Hmm, there is no special

Hmm, there is no special button for this. There are two possibilities how to do it.

1. if it does not matter that you will lost your photo descriptions, just rename the directory where the photos are in, rescan photos, rename it back and rescan photos again. This will create new datafiles for the renamed directories and photos in it, but you will loose your settings on this photos.

2. other than that you can edit data files in your data directory, but you will have to find the correct album_files_XXXX.php datafile for your directory. There you can edit this numbers to 0 and save it. But the file must be writable for PHP so probably you will have to chmod edited files to 666.



I thought there would be some file I could edit to do this. I just wasn't sure which one. Thanks again for your help and for the great script!

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