Warning - make a backup

All of the format work you do on your album is done on the remote server. My Internet provider trashed my whole account, and while I had copied all my pics from my own computer, the Album program resided on THEIR computer, so I had no backup copy at home.

After Patrik confirms that this is right, I believe you copy the entire phpalbum folder from the internet provider to your home computer regularly after you have added pictures and headings, formatted your album, added comments etc.

I was able to restore my entire account from my PC, except that my phpalbum was the original, empty, new one. (The provider has a current backup, but they are SLOW in getting it restored.)

That is why I use IPTC for

That is why I use IPTC for description of photos, they are stored in JPGs and are automatically imported by PA.

And you are right, just backup your whole PA directory including Data-Directory.
Before starting PA first time after restoring of backup be sure you have everything on right place, because PA is automatically rescaning your photo dir, and if it does not find your photos all data in DB will be deleted. But again if you have backup you can just try it again :))


Restoring files from a backup

Hi -
I am sharing this for others. I don't know if it is just MY internet provider, or if it always happends.

My internet provider restored my files after having lost them. I changed my permissions on the data folder and cache folder, but kept getting messages that the folders did not have permission.

When I changed the permission on the folders, there were already recovered files INSIDE those folders that had an OLDER DATE on them. Those older files, that came from the backup, did NOT have the permissions set on them, and I was unable to change them.

So I copied all of their old files (within the data folder) over to my computer, erased them on the internet server, and copied them right back. Now they all had a newer date than the main folder, and I was able to change all of them to having full 777 permission.

The backup files that my provider FINALLY restored to my account were 6 months old - so I say again: Make backups yourself!

Also, the cache folder was HUGE with my 1300 picture album, and, probably should be cleared out before making your backups. (this can be done in setup, under cache options)

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