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at first, sorry for my bad english.

I use the phpAlbum at my homepage. It is for my friends and me. I would like to config the album but i don't get it.
I want that the dircetory scan works automatically. So that the php script will scan the directory every 3 min or something else. The other thing is if the scan works automatically, i want that the system set the access rights automatically to friends as well and remove the rights from guest for all galleries.

Is this possible to do? I hope someone can help me.

Thanks in advance for your Help.

Best Regards


assist from patrik requered


do you have an idea why the above script doesn't work?
I've used the automatic scan script and it doesn't work.


Hi, i tested it, but it


i tested it, but it didn't work. I got a error message to this line than.


looks ok for

looks ok for me.

scan_photos_directories function generates no output. So blank page is actually ok.

Could you try to add some new directory, and click that scan button if the new directory will be added and displayed if you go back to album without scanning it out of setup?

Is this reply related to my

I get redirected to Albumnew


when I click on the button I get redirected to mail.php?cmd=albumnew
and I don't have an idea why.


you got an if statement

There is already a thread

There is already a thread about change the time between automatic scanning, but if you want to scan every 3 minutes and you have a lot of pictures I think it would slow down your site a lot.
About your other item, as you can see in the setup, you can't delete the guest status. You could however disable all the options by making them red.
To assign the access rights to friends, I think you have to let them log on. And set the default at the groups-setup to friends. But I'm not sure if that is what you want.

Joep Meijer

Using phpAlbum on

Ok you should be right, it

Ok you should be right, it will slow down my site, but it is possible to change the timer? Than i would like to change the time to 60 min or something else. For the rest will i findd a solution.

change directory scan time


please read the thread below about this.



Create and link a button

Good Morning,

i could change it. Now i have a other question.

I'd like to create a new button with a link to the Directory Scan function in the start page. Could someone help me to realize it, because i have no idear about php. I just use finished scripts.
I hope here is a smart guy how like to help me to do this.

Thanks in advance

Cyripton :)

Most simple script change

Hi Trpplayer79

Hi Trpplayer79

you can now use PHP Highlight input format and use <code> tags for displaying code. Anyway thanx for supporting, this helps me very much.




no problem, i'll try to done support where i can.

How do you do that?


ps: you forgot to change the first line of code ;-)

Under the Comment Textarea

Now I changed that this

Now I changed that this input format is set as default. You do not have to change it you can just put php code or use <code> tags

Thank you very much.

forgot something?

This i did as well. It is

placed it to low

Hi, ich changed it, but it


ich changed it, but it is still there. I got the blank page alredy.

Here you can see it.




If you wan't i'll check your code?
but to do this I'll need your ftp login info.
please send it to trpplayer79 ad


edit: If you send me the details I can't confirm you that I will have to time this weekend to check the problem.

it doesn't work

It seams it doesn't work for me alsow.
I'm looking into this and will get back on it if I find the problem.


Do you have an ICQ number or

Do you have an ICQ number or something else? Than we can talk 1 to 1 and it will be easier.

did this ever get soughted

did this ever get soughted as I need the same type of page. Please could you past your code if it was sorted ?



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