Some pics are rotated to the left...

Hi Patrick,

Sometimes, when I took a picture by rotating the camera to the left, the pictures once uploaded to the site are displayed being rotated to the left.

Yet when I open them using preview (mac freak), they are shown 'normal'. Well, I tried to rotate them to the right and save them as a different file (picture_b) again using preview, but they still are rotated. What's the issue here.

I suppose it could depend on:
your script
my preview display
or the fact that rotating the pics using preview does not change a thing.


Do you mean that when you

Do you mean that when you take a picture in portrait and you view it on your computer you see that picture in landscape format?

When that's the case it seems to me that you have lost your exif-data after you've downloaded the picture from your camera to your computer. i.e when you've resized the picture and save the picture instead of save as. (I've read somewhere on another forum that you lose your exif-data when you do this)

Joep Meijer

Using phpAlbum on

I don't have a mac and so I

I don't have a mac and so I have not "preview" but I assume that this software rotates the image when you are viewing it to to right direction (this is stored in EXIF if the camera has rotation sensor). PA can not do this, so you have to rotate it to right direction before upload. And check it with opening it with some browser or some other software which does not rotate the pictures automatically.

Well, you guys were right

Well, you guys were right about it. However, fixing the problem was far from evident. I searched the net for some free EFIX editor for mac. Wasn't easy to find that one.

And in fact, I didn't. What I did find was a free soft that removed the EFIX data, not really an elegant solution, yet since the dirs are not the dirs I use for storage, it did what I needed. (soft is called cocoviewx btw).

So I did: remove the EFIX and than rotated the pics. I exported them with a different name. For some reason, my server did not 'accept' the changes I made and still displayed them as the 'orginals' if I uploaded the modified ones using the same name as the originals. And yes I did overwrite themall. So despite the fact that they did not have any EFIX, AND were rotated, nothing changed. Renaming them, deleting the old ones, and all good.

Just to let you guys know.

Will EFIX be implemented one day?


BTW: sometimes the pics are

BTW: sometimes the pics are displayed correctly. Meaning: some pics have in their EFIX data a orientation '1', those are displayed correctly. Others (e.g orientation '6' or '8') are not as they should be. Is '1' the 'standard' orientation. And if so, does that mean that sometimes my camera uses different orientation settings? I checked whether is was due to my camera model, yet found no correlation.

Hi I have the same problem


I have the same problem as Dakke .... Can you tell me where can I find more information of all this items ? Thanks a lot


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I have the same problem.

I have the same problem. Most pictures don't display correctly on phpAlbum. Some do, all pictures were taken with the same camera. I checked to see if the exif data is there and it is.

For your PA not to display

For your PA not to display your 'updated' pics in correct orientation, I guess it's because your server is still serving the old cache. You can delete them (Setup -> Cache options -> Delete the Cache) and PA will regenerate them again.

For your pics EXIF orientation tag, 1 is the 'standard' landscape position. One application I use to manage my collection has a similar problem. It auto-rotates (when displaying, but does not actually modify the file) pics taken by my Canon 350D. But it does not rotate correctly pics taken by my friend's 300D. All my portraits from this 300D are displayed upside down. But another application does rotate correctly. So my guess is that the software is doing something wrong.

Well, with me it had to do


with me it had to do with the orientation of the image. Removing all the info attached to the file, than rotate it, save it again and upload it using a different file name worked. Using the same idd still displayed the previous one, most likely to be the cage thing. I used a mac soft for that, can't remember what it was (computer crashed recently). If you need more info, I'll try to come up with its name.

Anyway, changing the rotation of the images did the trick. For now I can not answer more, get back to it tomorrow.

I found the app I used for

I found the app I used for this one:
I needed this one, since rotating in preview, or gimp did not change a thing even when I renamed the file. I really had to go to the exif data. This app did exactly that.

It's a mac app, I'm sure you'll find linux and win versions.

If you go out on the web looking for a solution to it, look for EXIF Data and find an app capable of changing these data. (

Check url for more info and hints to apps

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