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First of all, I want to say this is the most amazing script I have come across. It is the best thought out I've seen, and I salute your efforts!

There is one thing missing for me, and perhaps it exists and I broke it when I was modifying templates.

When someone sends an ecard, there is no acknowledgement of what happened. If it is sent correctly, it would be nice to have a message at the top like "Your card has been sent!"

However, more importantly, if they forget to enter the capcha letters, the letter isn't sent, but they are not informed about the failure. Nice big red letters saying "Please enter the capcha letters" or something similar would be important in my opinion. Plus, it would be nice if the message entry form would stay up until the card is sent.

As it is, the card is not sent, but the user thinks it is.

Thanks again for a great program.


Hello Bill, first, thank you

Hello Bill,

first, thank you for your thoughts! I am missing this messages too :) I hope they will be there in next version, which comes quite later as I thought before. Probably end of January but sure not before xmas...

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