Click on picture to dowload

Is it possible to put a 'Download Fullsize Picture' Button somewhere near the picture?
Or by clicking on the picture.
My users have a hard time finding the link to download...
Now they 'right-click/save as' on the thumbnail and end up with the small-size picture instead.

Download Fullsize Picture, Link available.

There is a download button under the picture if you have set this set up.

You can change this in "Photo parameters" in the setup area.

There are 2 ways to get this,
1. File name with fullsize download link.
2. Fullsize download link.

Ensure Default displayed is ticked, should look like this,

Photo details
File name Click Here to Enlarge
File size 382.1 KB
Dimensions 1280 x 960 ( W x H )

i have renamed the original text in trasnslations With
"Click Here to Enlarge" at the "[ID_SYS_PAR_FNL] %s (click to download original file)" Line

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