Download Button.

I would like to change the text "click to download original file" to Right Click to download" But i cant find it, Please can you advise where this is,

Look in Setup->Translations,

Look in Setup->Translations, find the text, do your own translation. But be careful, change only the text, and copy the whole tag with its parameter.


Look in Setup->Translations,

Well i didnt see that area,

That worked a treat, And Customised a few things there. THANKS

I also Love the fact that no one can see my Pics unless i say so. :D

Couple things i would like to see and or suggest,
1, When new user Registers, Email gets sent to the Default admin to inform and activate the account to start Viewing.
2, In user area the emails to be links. Easy for contacting registered people and maybe sending email to all users, news letter maybe. Auto activation to Friends and Family, ie: A Area for emails to be placed and when email has been used it gets upgraded and then deleted from the list.
3, Random picture instead of New pics.

Again Thanks



Im using It again, :D:D:D:D what can i say, its great.

Please can you tell me how to get these Album's in Rows.

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