new version


You speak in your reply's about the new version you are working on.
Can you please inform us with what we can expect from the new version?
new things?



Very good question

Very good question Trpplayer79! :)

I know, we are missing here on the site something like project road map. May be I'll try to document this and publish it somewhere in Documentation.

For now I would answer this:

I'm trying now to fix all known bugs and implement some new things which you can find as Issues in the Project.

For example, currently I'm working on Modules support, so one could program own AddOns (Modules). First two modules will be Rewrite and LightBox2. User will be able to enable them and configure them.

Rewrite will enable Google friendly URLs in phpAlbum. LightBox2 will implement LightBox2 on phpAlbum which many of you like so much.

I already have reprogrammed Theme module, so it will be very easy to create new Themes. It has XML configuration file, you can easily add new Theme Parameters / Colors and use them in the Theme and so on.

I just redesigned the Borders Them. It uses almost no Tables and much more CSS which makes the HTML shorter and better readable.

I would like to add support for flash viedeos, I'll see if it comes in the next version, but it should not be that hard to implement.

In new version one can create interlaced JPGs, which are very good rendered by Firefox.

Basically the developing of phpAlbum is user-request-driven. I’m analysing your needs and if I like something or I see that it is important, I’ll implement it. The Problem is that sometimes it takes too much time.

I hope this is enough for now :)


More than enough


I like the new things you are developing into the phpalbum!
I thank you for sattesfying the users needs!





I'm not impatient but would like to have an IDEA of when you are going to release the updated/new version? beta or not?



I'm of course not really

I'm of course not really sure when it will happen in reality, but the plan is 11.11.2007 :) Nice date, isn't it?

The thing is, that the week before I am in vacation and staying at home, so I'll probably have plenty time for programming that's why i think 11.11.2007 is quite possible.


nice date


This date is nice and sounds like music into my ears!
Altrough I want the new version I can only say don't be your hole vacation busy with phpalbum but enjoy also of your vacation!




Hi Trpplayer79,

unfortunately I did not managed it to release new version on promised day, and it does not look good. I do have quite much problems with this version. I really hope I can release it soon.


stable version


No problem.
I prefer to get a new stable version later in stead of receive the version earllier but with problems.


Dirk Brien

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