Here is my little album

Hello everybody,

there is one more phpAlbum-powered gallery in the www:

@Patrik: On your demo-site i have seen, that you use the same DSLR as I ;-)

One more Pentaxianer, too *gg


P.S. One little question without making an own thread: How can I get the exif-info-string about the used objective to present in the picture-infos?

P.P.S. Excuse my english, my native language is german

Hey, my german is better

Hey, my german is better then english too :) I'm living in Germany already for 6 years ...

You did some very nice pictures there, and yes I am happy Pentaxianer too. K100D is very nice camera.

I'm afraid this EXIF-Informations are somehow encoded with some proprietary parameter in EXIF, but I'll try to find it out:) Obviously, I would need it too:)

Viele Grüße aus Augsburg!


I just looked at EXIF from

I just looked at EXIF from my pictures, and if it is there, I can not extract it the way I do it now. It is encoded in so called MakerNote.

It seems to be more difficult...

the objectiv-data seems to be only in the RAW-EXIF, not in the JPG-EXIF. I've made some test pictures and read it directly from the SD-card, because i couldn't believe that.

So i've tried to convert a *.PEF-file to *.jpg, but all tools (CS3, Lightzone, the Pentax-Tools ...) killed the objectiv-manufacturer-data from the EXIF-Infos in the JPG-file :( .

For future use: I've probably found an interesting link:

a GPL-based toolbox written in PHP for all EXIF-data incl. proprietary MakerNotes (when they would be there).


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