Various questions

Hi... I like a lot the gallery !!!

It's customizable and really amazing...

Now, my questions are two !


I have put on my site he script into a directory called "gallery" and into it I have made the "photos" folder, to put there the photos..
I want to put on the images the link to open them in pop-ups instead of going o the next picture..

I have found an old topic about making pop-ups, so I have added the intruction into the "engine.php" file and I changed the "imageview.tpl.php" file...

Everythingshould work fine, but now I see the only problem is that, when cliking on the image, it opens the wrong link and into the same page instead of a pop-up !

I explain...
I get this link to the picture:

instead of the right one:

What should I do to open it into pop-ups and to make it open the right link??


Into the image view page, I want to make visible info about the image.. I mean File Size, Dimension, ecc.. but in the table that shows this, I don't want any border !!!

What can I do ?

Is it possible to do ?

Thanks for your help =D

Answer to the 2nd question

How it can be mnodified you can see here:

1. Your gallery uses a template look. Which one, you can set in your Gallery Setup. My own uses "Flowing_Dark" theme.
2. Unfortunatelly, this theme is not directed only via external CSS stylesheet so ...
3. Go to your own theme folder (eg. Themes/Flowin_Dark), find the file imageview.tpl.php, find the line (about line 124) with:
<? print $parameters; ?> and change/add the STYLE="" to your own.
4. I did it a long time ago, I hope it was like this.
PS: Some parametere you can influence from files *.css in Theme folder (link & background colors), but the system is not very well arranged, so do some attempts.
But the gallery is fine.
Enjoy it.

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