Access rights on pictures in a gallery.

I would like to have the possibility to have pictures hidden in an “open” gallery and they should only be visible for Friend and/or Family.

This to make it possible to have only one gallery for the same trip/occasion, both for an open public and the more private pictures for the friends and family.

I go an a trip and takes some nice pictures of sunset, buildings and so on… that I want to show to all, but on the same trip I take some pictures of my family/friend and these pictures I only want to show to them.

As it is now I have to make two different galleries for the same trip… or have I misunderstood how to set up the phpAlbum?

Many thanks

I can understand why you

I can understand why you want this, I have always the same problem. One trip and two galleries, one for family and one for friends.

And you are right, there is now way to do it that better way in phpAlbum. The problem is performance, now every directory has its own access right settings. If I make it possible to change that for single files, everything will be quite slower and would need more memory for PHP script.

But may be I'll find some solution for this. Everything would be much easier if I would use MySQL as database :) But I like to find some better and faster algorithms for problems like this, without database ... may be I have already one idea ;)

Hope for the future ;-)

Ahhh, great so my suggestion/wish wasn’t too bad then ;-)

Since my knowledge about php is very limited I can’t help with the programming part but in my mind I saw some function that made it possible to override the gallery setting only for the selected pictures. This to not slow down the process to display the gallery to much…

Something like that the open pictures are displayed first and then the hidden ones. This wouldn’t slow down the galleries that don’t include any hidden pictures… or…?



hello patrik!
i also would love to see such a feature in your script soon!!!
are there any updates on that feature?
i just created an issue under feature request... sorry for that, should have searched the forums first!
thx for phpalbum!

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