USER REDIRECT after login - needed!


First of all this album is really nice. I just have something I might have missed - or it's not there.

I'm a designer. Since I'm using the album to share the process of each artwork with different clients.
When a client logs in they have to navigate to the folder they want to look at - that's ok.
BUT I don't want them to see the other folders next to theirs (i don't want them to know what other projects I'm having).

Is there a way to set redirection to a specific subfolder when a user logs in?

user rights


The "redirect" function isn't available but there is something else available what can help you: "user rights".
You can setup for every user group what gallerie he/she can see.
1) create groups
2) add the user(s) to the correct group
3) setup the galleries to be linked to the correct group



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