Use actual height of image thumbnail?


All works really well excpet that when using different sized heigth images teh wrapping of the tables does not work well.

I think I can fix it but only if I knew how to call the actual thumbnail height and then I can set that for each TR reference for the thumb_tpl file

Is there a way to call the actual thumnnail height properly?

You can see what I mean at

As you can see it is not wrapping well - you may have a better way to fix this.



I see you changed something

I see you changed something on the theme. Because normally this wrapping works well doesn't matter what pictures you have there. Thats because all this pictures are displayed in tables which have same width and height. You forgotten probably set the height of the table , just look in some original theme you will see. You don't need the height of thumbnail.

Look here i uploaded there some "stunning:)" test images, this is original theme just some javascript is added : Example album

BTW: Great photos! Are these taken with DSLR or FILM ? If i may ask :)

Thanks for reply

Yes I must have messed up the code, will have another look and thanks for replying and testing for me.

BTW Film :)



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