Sometimes pictures load, sometimes they don't (In IE7, they never load)

Well, after a bunch of search I have found a few threads with people mentioning this problem, but no one seems to have an answere or know why. The only answere anyone gave was a random number thing which ....wasen't explained well nor do I see why that would help.

So, when visiting gallery pages, sometimes the thumbnails on the page will load, and sometimes they just won't load. Going back to the page sometimes causes them to work, and sometimes, it just still doesn't seems sort of random in Firefox and IE6. In IE7, they never load, just a lot of friendly red x's.

Going to one of the images in IE7 presents me with a friendly Internal Server Error.

Finally, I copied the instalation from my host to my client's host on Godaddy. It works great on my host with no problems what so ever. On Godaddy, lots of problems. Also, instead of using FTP to upload and download each indivudual file, I created a gzip'ed tarball on my server and extracted on the new server, so file corruption hopefully isn't a problem.

All permisions seem to be fine. I can write to the config files to change all my settings, file names, etc. and the cache files are being generated just fine and can be deleted just as fine with no errors.

Anyways, if I can't find a solution, I guess i'll just be moving my host to MY recommended host. At least now I know to steer well away from Godaddy in the future for hosting.

Some interesting Tid-bits
GL shouldent be the problem. from my php info page...
GD Support enabled
GD Version bundled (2.0.28 compatible)
FreeType Support enabled
FreeType Linkage with freetype
GIF Read Support enabled
GIF Create Support enabled
JPG Support enabled
PNG Support enabled
WBMP Support enabled
XBM Support enabled

MBSTRING isen't even installed on my host, but I don't see why that would cause this problem or how it could cause this problem in my situation (since it sometimes works, sometimes doesen't).

My host on Godaddy is running apache 1.3.33, this is interesting considering it is the same version of apache that the person who had the same problem over at The host that it works great on however is running apache 1.3.37.

One last interesting thing is that the host where it doesen't work is running PHP 4.3.11 while the host that runs phpalbum great is running PHP 4.4.4

I lied, one really last thing. At first I thought it was a PHP memory issue so I raised the PHP memory limit to 32M then 55M. According to Godaddy Email tech support, changes in my php.ini file should take place immedieately (and I asked them specifically about changing the php memory limit) (it's kind of weird that Godaddy allows people to add stuff to their PHP configuration on shared hosting)

Any help would be appreciated.

I see you are no beginner,

I see you are no beginner, so you will hopefully find the solution which is best for you. I am sorry but i do not think i can help you more.

This Internal-Server Errors are quite strange, and i already had the possibilities to check the servers with my Script but did not find anything wrong on phpAlbum. More then it, i did find out that these servers had problems with very simple php files, which should really run on every normally configured server. I think it must be some bugs or setting issue or may be bad combination of Apache and PHP versions.

Good luck and let us know if you find out anything interesting.


Well, we both agreed to just

Well, we both agreed to just switch to my recommended host (Total Choice) and everything is working fine now. :-) Saves a lot of hassle and future frustration.

It still is really strange why that is happening. Maybe the server load is just really high because they are putting too many people on one server? Then again, as you said, it could be some weird conflict between apache and PHP. Weird things also happened when I set things up to parse .html files with PHP on Godaddy... Oh well, thanks for the reply and sorry for my late reply. ;-)

Same Problem


I have a website hosted with GoDaddy too. The address of my website is and I have the phpAlbum under the "Photo Gallery" section of my website.

When I access the Photo Gallery from home, I see no problems with the script showing the pictures. It only shows the "x" instead of the pictures if I click on the Internet Explorer "Back" button instead of navigating with the links on the page.

At my work place, I go out to the internet through a proxy server (Microsoft ISA Server) and then I have problems displaying the pictures. Most all the times I will get an "x" instead of the picture. Also, the borders of the pictures won't load and will show an "x" aswell.

I understand you will probably say it is a cache problem on the proxy server but what I don't get is why other PHP websites displaying images wouldn't have the same problem?

Do you have any ideas, suggestions?

I'd like to take the opportunity and thank you for the script - it is really cool and practical.

Thank you in advance for your attention.

Hi, i just checked your


i just checked your site, and i can't see any problem with it, so it will probably really be the proxy. But as you say, if you do not have any problems with other sites, it is a phpAlbum problem too :)

Could you pleas check in your work my site like the demo on or

I want only be sure it is just and only phpAlbum problem and not some combination of godaddy and phpAlbum :)


First Test Results

Hi Patrik,

Thanks for your prompt reply. I accessed both your demo and the other photo album for the first time at work and they both loaded fine. I'll keep trying to access them today and the next few days to check if they will keep showing correctly - since it was probably the first time it got cached in the proxy server. Mine is still showing the "x" on the pictures and border.

On my phpAlbum, I have the cache option enabled. Do you have it enabled in yours too? This may be a test I could try - disabling it and see how it behaves with the ISA Server.


Yes on my sites it is

Yes on my sites it is enabled, otherwise it would be too slow, every request would cause generating of thumbnails and pictures which costs quite much CPU power.

Thank you for testing it!

Test Results


I checked my IE settings at work and changed some settings that I didn't check before and since then it's been working fine. What I changed was:

- On Internet Options, I checked the option "Check for newer versions of stored pages everytime I visit the webpage"
- Decreased the local cache disk space for minimium
- Deleted the Temporary Internet files

Maybe that's what is causing the same problem to other users.

Thanks for your attention on this matter. Some days ago I submitted an issue with an attachment for you to check - hope you can have a look at it some time.


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