Default thumbnail for all unrecognized files?

Just installed phpAlbum after trying many others and so far delighted with its mixture of simplicity, features and elegance. Is there any way an icon, like the ones for audio and movie, could be utilised for any other type of file that does not have a screenshot? This would be very useful as I could use a directory for storing all sorts of non image files to be accessed from anywhere, without having to make a screenshot for each one.

Thanks for a great photo album.


Interesting idea, but i am

Interesting idea, but i am afraid this is not possible out of box. There would be necessary some programming in PHP so if you are not familiar with PHP it would be not so easy. But i could implement it in some next version ...

I have found a solution

I have found a solution to this - not exactly what I had in mind but plenty good enough. I know nothing of programming but logic told me that if generic icons could be shown for defined movie and audio files perhaps I could make one show for other defined files. Another post in which you explained how to add movie types to the list was a good clue.

I poked about in main.php till I found the section defining movie and audio types - line 478. I copied the movie section and pasted it after the movie section, changed all the file types to ones I wanted to show - doc, tmd, txt, pdf etc - and changed 'is_movie' to 'is_sundry'.

I then found the only other reference to 'is_movie' - line 811-825 - and copied that and pasted it next, changing [movie] in line 821 to [sundry]. I then made an icon called sundry.png and put it in the folder. Reloaded the program and hey presto all my sundry files listed. However, they showed some small generic icon, not my sundry.png. To get that to work I went into the cache and found that the file referring to sundry.png had 0 bytes. So I copied sundry.png over it, keeping the cache name and all now works perfectly so far.

Thanks for your interest. I hope this may help others with the same requirements that I have.

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