Be able to change the file name without loosing descriptions...


I've been playing around with my album for a few weeks now, and I think phpAlbum needs one or two improvements.

On the Upload manager page, there should be a way to rename the files, so the short and long description don't get errased. I just renamed 53 pictures to get the sorting order that I wanted, and I lost all the descriptions. :-(

The other option is to somehow add the ability to give the pictures a set number and then be able to select "sort from number 0 to whatever" or "sort from picture number whatever to 0".

My problem is: in each directory, I have pictures taken by several different cameras, some have messed up date/times, and all are named none of the curent sorting options really work for me. :-/

my album is currently located at

Manual sorting of pictures

Manual sorting of pictures and renaming of directories and files is planned to be implemented ...

for description of pictures i would use IPTC which is supported by phpAlbum, and then you will never have to retype the descriptions, they are automatically imported from JPG...

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