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I have LOTS of thumbnails inside my albums. This presents a problem because if you scroll down to the bottom thumbnails and click one you simply see a blank page. The the thumbnail is at the top of the page and unless you know to scroll up you think there is no picture.

Is there a way to have a fresh page with its own height properties display the picture?

This is a problem if the

This is a problem if the IFRAME you are using. Generally, it is not very good to use IFRAMEs, you could edit album.tpl.php and imageview.tpl.php to make look album like your page.

You could also limit the number of thumbnails on one page in album in Setup->Themes

Bad, but solution for IFRAME

I have solved the same problem as anyone, who has ever used an IFRAME, it means its height.
Bad, but a solution is to use Javascript which calculates height of iframed page before the browser displays it and automaticly resize HEIGHT of IFRAME.
Example here:

IFRAME is antiquated and if someone has the Javascript turned off, content of the iframe WILL NOT be displayed. Also iframed pages HAVE TO BE FROM the same domain.
You can use IFRAME as you want.

The script I downloaded somewhere from a free js library, works crossbrowsers quite fine.
DOWNLOAD here: (second half of it is enough, find //Automat. nataz. IFRAME for the begining of this script)

Best regards

Thanks, I just got rid of

Thanks, I just got rid of the IFrame. I have not integrated the album seamlessly yet, it is slow, but visually I have them close.

Thanks so much for such a wonderful product.

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