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I would like to add my own pages to the main template structure such as a contact page - can you please advise the root to take for achieving this?

I can get my way around PHP but this is beyond my ability at present so any hints would be appreciated.


Edit the album.tpl.php and

Edit the album.tpl.php and imageview.tpl.php and add there some html link to your contact page. Be sure that you edit the right files, there are currently two themes Borders and Flowing_Dark, you should edit the files which belong to the theme you are using....

Path to the files is

/themes/Borders or /themes/Flowing_Dark depending on the theme you are using

Hi Patrik and thanks for the

Hi Patrik and thanks for the quick reply - I have done as you have suggested and inserted the following code to call my contact page;

">Contact | 

however it calls a that cannnot be found


I have tried with contact.tmp.php but thats provides the same result.

What I want to achieve is a page which is also using the basic "Borders" theme of my photo site with my page content inside so it all remains the same theme.

Ooh, now i understand what

Ooh, now i understand what you mean. Sorry but that is not possible yet ... all you can do is to create some html file which looks exactly like phpAlbum and link it in the album as i described before.

Other alternative would be to create some pop-up contact page. Or put it in footer or header of every page ...

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