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I don't know if this is the right forum or not, so i apologize if it is....but i think it's right. My problem is i want to create what Patrik has on the demo...there is a side bar with different directories to organize the photos, like a Zoo pictures directory. Except I want that to be in the middle instead of the pictures
AIM is Taizku if confused.
Thank you for your time

Hello and welcome on the

Hello and welcome on the forum!

Try to use the other theme (Flowing_dark), if that is not good for you you'll have to edit the theme files to achieve what you described here.

Thanx for trying to help me.

Thanx for trying to help me. This is what i want,
Also which file would i edit to get what i want?
What the picture is a bunch of sub albums so i can organize the on your demo you have a Zoo album and a moon album...i want to know how to add those to my page

If you ask how to add new

If you ask how to add new albums, you have to add new directories in your photo directory. After that rescan it in Setup->Galleries, and you will have new albums.
It works just like windows explorer, it shows you directories with pictures. There is no special function to create new album.

Sweet..thanx a lot...that

Sweet..thanx a lot...that was exactly what i wanted!

Nikolay - Russia

Thank you Patrik, this super

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