A few ideas

First off, this is a great piece of software you've developed!

How about being able to set the left vertical menu to a fixed width and forcing the folder titles to wrap to the next line. Currently if you have a long folder name the width of this window get's quite wide.

Also, a feature that woudl allow the user to automatically hide all files or folders with a certain name. For instance, when I upload my photos with Microsoft Frontpage it adds folders named "_vti_cnf" in each directory that I then need to manually go in and hide. Being able to hide all of these folders with one click would be a great addition.

This black-list of

This black-list of folder/filenames is a good idea, i will have to implement that in some next version.

To change your theme, you have to edit the template files, where you could change that behavior of the wrapping of directory names.

In this case you will have to edit dir.pic.tpl.php and album.tpl.php files in your theme.

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