SLOW -- Imageview

Hi Patrik,
PhpAlbum is a tremendous Photo tool. Great work and thanks.

Problem with my photo gallery:

My uncached thumbnails take a while to show, but the real killer is the imageview when I click on one of the thumbnails .... it takes forever. HOWEVER, if I click on the File name (click to download original file)under "Photo detail" the original image pops up rather quickly!
Is this because my thumbnails and images (medium size, default) have to created from the original every time someone clicks on it?

Oh yeah, I have a few errors, I see in my error log! I am no php expert, so I'd appreciate it if someone can look at a few of these line and tell me whats going on.

07/06/14 09:25:28 filetype() [function.filetype]: Lstat failed for (null) (errno=2 - No such file or directory)
/homepages/24/d93820014/htdocs/wsc93820022/phpAlbum/main.php (Line:739)
07/06/14 10:15:59 Invalid argument supplied for foreach()
/homepages/24/d93820014/htdocs/wsc93820022/phpAlbum/setup.php (Line:298)
07/06/14 11:56:12 fopen(/homepages/24/d93820014/htdocs/wsc93820022/phpAlbum/photos.album_directory.php.lock) [function.fopen]: failed to open stream: File exists
/homepages/24/d93820014/htdocs/wsc93820022/phpAlbum/phpdatabase.php (Line:223)
07/06/18 01:35:26 Invalid argument supplied for foreach()
/homepages/24/d93820014/htdocs/wsc93820022/phpAlbum/ (Line:144)
07/06/18 02:15:16 Invalid argument supplied for foreach()
/homepages/24/d93820014/htdocs/wsc93820022/phpAlbum/setup.php (Line:298)

Could you please say what

Could you please say what type of server you are using?
It has probably low performance which is required to create the thumbnails and resized pictures.

But this should be slow only if you generate it first time, after this it is loaded from cache which is stored in cache directory.

SLOW -- Imageview

Thanks for the reply. I am using the linux hosting service by I read through your previous posts regarding cache and how page loading can be slow before cache creation; but my pictures continue to be loaded slow (not the original) even after several visits.

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