Error message when trying to hide folders

Boy, I don't know where you find the time to put this script together and answer all these questions, but I sure am glad that you manage! This is great!

I've been trying to hide the "_vti_cnf" folders that are created when I upload my website site by going into setup -> galleries and unclicking the "visible" radio button. However, when I click to save the changes I get the following error:

Parse error: parse error, unexpected T_STRING in /hsphere/local/home/tinyti0/ : runtime-created function on line 1

Fatal error: Call to undefined function: () in /hsphere/local/home/tinyti0/ on line 704

Interestingly, sometimes this works and sometimes it doesnt. When I first tried using this feature I got the same error. Yesterday I tried again and it worked properly. Today I uploaded some new files and am again having difficulting hiding the "_vti_cnf" folder.

Any ideas?

In one of my hosting I get

In one of my hosting I get many these errors. But only there. I found VERY IMPORTATNT to backup whole gallery folder data_... after I set all gallery parameters I needed.
My gallery sometimes crashes just with this messages and only during making a change in setup backend part.
But it is probably caused by this (free) hosting. I found even some files in data folders with 0 kB size = corrupted and empty (but never missing)(I hope it is not a bug).
Your message: Fatal error: Call to undefined function: () in ..../phpAlbum/phpdatabase.php on line 704 i saw just yesterday!
So my solution is to completly erase ALL the files from the gallery folder data and restore them from my backup. After this gallery works fine and without a need to setup anything again = all is stored in these files.

MY QUESTIONS to Patrick (probably):
Today I tried to change my password. It failed. Also thumbs quality I changed CHMODE for the files in: data../album_user.php and album_quality.php to 777 (rwxrwxrwx) than it was ok.
Which CHMODE should be set for all the files in the data folder? Probably not 644 they have now.
Thank you in advance

If you restore the data

If you restore the data directory files, you have to chmod them all to 777 because the php is then no more owner of this files. Otherwise php can not open that files in write mode.

644 would be ok if they are created by phpalbum which is normally the case. But if you replace them with FTP from your backup they must be chmodded to 777.


Still can't hide _vti_cnf files

I've tried reloading the pictures but am still having the same problem with the above error message.

Is there a way I can manually edit the database so that these files are not shown?


Yes you can edit it

Yes you can edit it manually.

Go to your data directory and open there the file album_directory.php
This is a data file for directories, it is actually a php Array. Find there the record with correct path and change the visibility to false (default it is always true). Save the file.

Now the changed directories should not be visible...

That worked perfect, thanks

That worked perfect, thanks patrik!

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