Features I'd like to see in the future versions

I love phpalbum -- the entire script is great and best of all easy to use. These are my feature requests.

Fetures I'd really like:
- Display comment count (promotes discussion).
- Have the add comment form on the page instead of having to click "add new comment" (this promotes comments).
- Web site field in comments. Email required but not publicly displayed (reduces SPAM).
- Download original photograph/image.
- Image details.
- Slideshow.
- Print image (i'd imagine original needs to be viewed to do this).

Plogger has these cool features, but I still prefer phpalbum as the entire layout is superb.

Further feature requests:
- Album highlights; user definable thumbnails for each album instead of the standard folder image (as requested by Leuzi).
- For each folder/image/video: Voting, statistics, number of views/downloads etc...

Features that would be nice but not critical:
- Automated video thumbnail generation.
- Video commenting.

So come on admin, what is coming in the next version? I can't wait :-P

Furthermore, maybe just

Furthermore, maybe just maybe lightbox would be cool. http://www.huddletogether.com/projects/lightbox/

Thank you for your feature

Thank you for your feature request ... i see i will have to test this plogger and see what features i could implement ...
some of the features you have listed will come for sure in the next version, and almost all in some over next as adding new features after next release will be very easy. I just reprogrammed the whole setup section almost every function in script has been changed, phpDatabase is implemented. I am right now adding new features like this statistics on comments,views and voting of pictures and galleries, manual sorting, image manipulationg(rotating)... and some other interesting stuff, but it all takes more time as i expected, that's why there is still no new version. And some new theme must be made also ... this lightbox stuff is also very cool, i will see if i can implement it in some new theme ...

One more time thank you for your compliments on this script i will try to make it even better ...


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