Thumbnails not working with embedding

I have set up a photo album :D and tried to embed it within my current site, when I access the album with the full url the thumbnails work 70% however when I go to the gallery page which is a simple iframe linking to the php album... they don't work?

Any suggestions?

Many thanks


My iframe

I am using (disgusting) iframe on: for embedding and I had similar trouble.
What helped me was:
1. Folder for photos had not to be in gallery folder. I created it at one levet upper in my server root directory (like images, gallery, css e.t.c.)
2. In the gallery setup I set the path to it like: ../photos
3. Then it works properly
4. Tip: I am using a javascript form which can set the autoamtic height of iframe (... but when someone has turned js off ... :-( )
5. Tip: The HOME link will not turn to your home page but It will display your homepage inside the iframe. Modify it.

I tried creating the gallery

I tried creating the gallery folder up one level, which didn't seem to changed everything back to the original settings and now it seems to be working?

How strange ?

Does it work for you?

* Thanks for the Home link tip

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