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Dear sirs,
I like (tried to install and use) your nice gallery. The only I am able to understand from PHP is this:

include ("my-part-of-the-page.php")

1/ Could you give me a clear advice how to embed whole gallery in this way, please?
2/ Is it then possible to change all background colors from templates to transparent (via CSS for example)?

Thank you in advance from Prague.

Not that simple...


If that is actually the only php knowledge you have, it's not going to be easy... Easiest way for you is probably to use an Iframe or an external page and edit all the colors in the theme-setup page...

Better is to select the flowing dark theme and edit some pages in the templates/flowing_dark folder. Try to build your own site around the php elements. Be carefull not to harm all the beautiful code Patrik has made for us... Keep testing while you edit!
This worked fine for me and I was able integrate this album into my website http://www.tourdefunk.nl/photos

Good luck!


It works, but ...

Dear Martjin,
first ... your gallery looks really nice! Thanks for your tips. I decided to use terrible iframe (with a 1m long javascript setting an automatic height of iframe from dynamicdrive.com) to embed my own gallery, because I am not sure if I can manage the second way. But I ll surely try it later. You can look at http://www.duocamp.cz/index.php?content=galerie (my cousins campsite)
I am very:
1) Satisfied with the functions and lots of settings options. Great job!!!
2) Unsatisfied with the way of changing the look. Maybe the php engine is beautifully written, but the mixture of tables, divs, styles everyvhere makes me a bit disappointed. I know the development has taken hudreds of hours and for free. Big congratulation to all, but this ...?
I had to completly change the html part of ecard.tpl.php because it harmed width of my iframe. Strange combination of tables widths + also parametrs.tpl.php css (it looked terribly).

My questions to you:
1/ Is the file album.tpl.php (in Flowing_Dark theme) the right one to make an attempt to modify the code to be able to embed gallery without an iframe?
2/ Where to change the comment: Powered by ... to font-size: 0.8em.
3/ Which off-line PHP engine (Wamp, Xamp) are you running to tune your PHPGallery in your PC? (My Wamp 1.6.. does not work with it)

Best regards

Your questions...

Hi Alois,

album.tpl.php is indeed the correct file to edit, but don't forget the imageview.tpl.php. I even also openend every other tpl file and removed some tables and divs. I also removed all the "class=" from all the pages, embedded my own css information and applied the correcht classes to the correct tables/cells.
When i first saw the code Patrik wrote, I also didn't really know where to start, but when i put some time in it, it actually turned out te be quite easy to understand... (Even for me, not knowing any php at all!)

I don't know where to change the font-size for the powered by message... I believe it's the footer and i guess some class is attached to it... I removed that php element and put my own "powered by phpnet-image" on the page.

I'm not using any offline engines to tune my album... I've just been editing the code and uploading to my website's test folder.



Yes:) you are all right,

Yes:) you are all right, that two themes are really terrible, i know it and i will try to make it better. This themes are really old and they are grown together with the script.
I'm just working on some better theme processing, with configurable variables, so every one can create new theme with additional parameters and colors which will be displayed in setup.
I'm trying now also to add LightBox2 to this script so it can be then used with every theme.
But before i have to read something about CSS techniques where i really do not have that much experiences.

Also I am planning to make some theme contest where every body will be able to contribute and may be there will be some prizes too :) But again, before that i also have to do some documentation on how to create such themes ...

Do not worry

do not worry. I am making a deep bow for your big big effort. I respect all imperfections because simply - gallery is great!
What you wrote is exactely what all the gallery users need and what will empty the "Modification section" of this forum completly (I hope :-)

Be sure, that for me was the most complicated to force my IFRAME to be transparent! I did not know, that for IE is not enough CCS parameter: background-color: transparent everywhere it was possible :-)
There is MS special bullshit in its own IFRAME tag: allowtransparency="true"
Example for all furious amateur like I am:

iframe allowtransparency="true" marginheight="0" marginwidth="0" src="gallery/main.php?cmd=album" width="520" height="300"

Best regards ... and thank you and Martjin

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