Number of pics in a folder -- NEW, not available with thumbnails

Here are a couple that would be nice if not too hard to do.

1) A count of pics in a folder - I see that the number of pictures does appear in the setup section. It would be nice if it could be displayed for the users to see which albums have lots of pics and which have few.

2) NEW -- works great if using folder icons, but is lost with thumbnail icons. What about something like:

if (using icons, not folders) (and within the assigned "new" time)
set the color to red and print "NEW"+" "(set the color back) +plus (the folder name or alias) -- end-if.

Not that I have ANY idea about code, but that might be a place to put it.


Maybe NEW pictures ARE available with thumbnails, not folders

Either I found a BUG, or a FEATURE.

I use thumbnails for my albums, so you can't see where the NEW pictures have been added. When I selected SEARCH, but did not put in any word to search for, I got ALL my thumbnails - it looks like they are in the order of most recent ones first.

That is GREAT, except that the folder name says NEWEST PICTURES but there is no ALBUM heading to get you back to the main page. The only way I could get back "home" in the album was to press login, then Album.

It would be perfect for people trying to see whats new, as long as they could get back to the main menu. Even if I could put a long description for NEWEST PICTURES, then I could put a link to ALBUM there.

Any thoughts ?? Don

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