Slow (in particular, shadows)

First of all, thanks for this nice and easy piece of software.
I'm trying to use it for a photogallery, and the main problem I found is related to image generation. At first run, thumbnails are extremely slow to be generated, but however this is a secondary problem, as I can imagine to give a first look at the site just after having inserted images, so that the problem is just for me and not for users. Furthermore, the problem is mainly due to the server performance, I suppose.
However, I loose even more time in generating image shadows, which is strange for me. By looking at the code, I noticed that shadows are modified depending on the chosen colormap, and then stored in cache. Sometimes it takes literally minutes to generate that shadows, and sometimes they are also recalculated even if already done (or at least it seems so: the site hangs for minutes, waiting for shadows).

Any hint/ idea?

Hi, on slow servers you can

Hi, on slow servers you can really experience some slowness when the script creates the thumbnails or graphics like the shadow borders.

But once it is created, in next request it is just read from cache of phpAlbum. An normally if you use browser which has its own cache, phpAlbum just sends the message that the picture was not changed. So maybe the first time it can be slow, but next time it should be really fast.

Additionally you can switch of the shadow borders, it could be then a little bit faster. But it is all cached so it should be fast enough.

Could you send me please the link to your site? So i can check it what happens there ...

I also had understood what

I also had understood what you say, however sometimes it appears to spend too much time on shadows even using the very same browser. I'll try to switch shadows off, but first I leave the site as is, so you can look at it.
This at present is just a test site, still to fill with images:

Thank you.

Sorry to bother you, but did

Sorry to bother you, but did you looked at the web site?
It is too strange...

Sorry for not answering you,

Sorry for not answering you, i just forgotten it.

I did look at your site, and it is really slow, especially the shadows in imageview, actually i did not waited until it was there because it was that slow ...

I have no explanation for this but if you could switch on error logging in setup (initially it is switched off), maybe you could then see some errors which could help as to find the problem.

It is in fact very strange ...

Tried, but no errors. I

Tried, but no errors. I think it could be some long timeout, but I do not know why.

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