ordering prints

I keep getting questions about how people can order photo's from my website. Is there a simple way to put some kind of shopping cart in phpAlbum?

What I would like to do is offer a few formats for sale, and let visitors (registered ones) order prints. An email containing username, address, filenames, and quantity to the site admin would be enough. And it would be nice if customers can see what it would cost them. Something like a small "simple" webshop...

Would it be possible to create such a function?

Nothing is impossible!

Nothing is impossible! :)

And it would be of course great feature for many semi-pro/pro photographers to have the ability to sell their photos vie phpAlbum.

Most of them use some other way like SmugMug.com, may be you know this already.

Unfortunately this is not so simple to implement this functionality and I am not sure if i will have time for this in next few months...

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