Using a unique template for gallery and setup

This has been a request by some admin users of the site I'm setting up.
They said that being the page for the Account administration accessible to users, it should have the same template of the original site.

What you think? I'm not saying to reply all the template schema, but at least the colors.

Maybe the account page (only this) could refere to same style sheet of the main pages. Other setup pages are accessible only to admins so it doesn't matter.

I'm not a professional programmer so I'm just asking.


You are probably right that

You are probably right that it should use the same colors overall, i'll see what i can do, but this is probably not so easy as many things are hardcoded in setup section.

Actually it was so in the older (0.3.6) versions, but it was not perfect too. If somebody does bad color configuration, the setup looked very bad, almost not readable ... so who knows what is better ...

I do not think i will change the setup in short time, so if you need that you will have to hack it to your needs :)

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