Text information on front page of the album

When users arrive on the front page of my album by clicking on the link in our web site navigation menu, I would like them to see some text that gives some background to the album. This is something like what I see on the demo site. I am not clear about where I should put that.

I do not want to modify code as that might get overwritten. I think it should be something in the setup and if it is already possible to do this, please point me to the right place.


Go to the Setup->Galleries

Go to the Setup->Galleries and change the "Long Description" of the "/" Directory. You can use there also HTML code. Every directory can have such description.

Many thanks

Dennis M. Gray
Australian Sailing & Cruising Club Inc.

What about a flash intro on opening the / directory?

As this is my first post, let me give you my best compliments on this product. I'm from Italy and I'm setting up a Photo gallery for a Minibike site (the gallery is not yet public).
It's www.minimotorevolution.com/gallery/php

Back to the subject, you said it's possible to include HTML code, but what about a flash intro. Maybe you can include some out of the box like www.webgallerywizard.com does.

Good job anyway


In the long descriptin of

In the long descriptin of every directory you can put any HTML code. And so you can put there some code to load flash programms.
I am not sure what you ment with www.webgallerywizard.com because this is an other flash based web gallery ...

They use in the first page

They use in the first page of the gallery a customizable flash intro that contains some random pictures from the gallery.

But you already answered me saying the flash code is allowed into the directory long description.

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