paging directories

Many photo galleries web sites have a lot of directories, for example, web sites that public a gallery every event, every week, ordering by date.

For those sites it's absolutely necessary paging directories.

And somebody suggested that the page system should show the number of the pages, to can access directly to the desired gallery.

Yes this is a big problem as

Yes this is a big problem as i do not even know how it should look like when there is next page for directories and parallel next page for pictures ... I’ll probably look how others solved this problem...

Should I handle directories as they were pictures? it would be no problem for Flowing dark theme but a big problem for borders-like themes. I think this should be handled separately. What do you think?

I thought may be it would be better to be able to setup max. Number of displayed directories and if there are more then this, there should be link "more" to show all directories…

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