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I'm not sure where to post this questions so I'll start here.

I would like my list of galleries to be displayed in alphabetical order. I have not yet found a configuration option to do that.

See www.ascc.org.au/Albums

Note that the sort order is not alphabetical.


Hello, probably you already


probably you already deleted that album, cause i can't see it anymore.

But regarding your question:

- there is default order how pictures and directories are sorted in Setup->MainSetup
- you can specify other then default sort order for each directory separetely in Setup->Galleries setup section.

Silly me!


The link I sent was incorrect. It is www.ascc.org.au/Album

I checked the settings in Main->Setup and Setup->Galleries. In each place an ascending sort order is specified but when I look at the sort order of the galleries on the main page and the sort order of the files in each of the galleries, they do not seem to be sorted in alpha order.

Dennis M. Gray
Australian Sailing & Cruising Club Inc.

Ok, i checked now and you

Ok, i checked now and you are right - there is some bug in sorting. Please try sorting after Filenames, not Names. Filenames should work.
Sorting after names should actually taky picutre short description or filename but this "or filename" is not working. That is why you get unsorted pictures when you setup sorting after names.

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