Hi, I just downloaded the latest version, but can't seem to find where you go about putting on the watermark on my photo's.

Can onyone help??



I know, i must write some

I know, i must write some real documentation for this script. Hope i will have som time for this ...

Put some PNG-Image in to the install directory of phpAlbum. Currently only PNGs are supported because they are best suited for this. Best way is to create some transparent watermark in Photoshop or Gimp.

If you did this, go to the setup of phpAlbum and to the Thumbnails subsection. There you can setup watermark for each size of photos. There is a combo-box Watermark file for selecting of which watermark you like to use, and you can select then where it should be displayed with Watermark position selector.


Sorry Patrik, there doesn't appear to be the Thumbnails subsection on the menu, I only have Thumbnails and Photo -size settings.

There is no option for the following that you have said.

I used the installing automatically funtction would this have made a differnce.

Pleas can you shed some light on this for me, as I want launch my site.

Many thanks

Hello Dimebar, ok, as you

Hello Dimebar,

ok, as you said you installed the latest version, i thought you installed the latest beta. In the current porduction release there are no watermarks.

Actually, i would say you should use the beta as it is far more comfortable to configure and has many more functions. It is quite possible that i will soon change the status of the current beta to production. And with the newest beta you can easily upgrade if there is newer version released....


Hi Patrik,

thanks, silly me sorted now. Couple of tweeks and i can launch.

Thanks for the help :)

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