Movies from youtube

It's very popular feature for galleries.
It would be great if there is way to watch movies in phpAlbum. I know, You are maybe not a flash programmer, so You can use for it because it accepts all movie file extensions, it's free and ready.

PS. When new release? I'm waiting all the time :)


Just released new version,

Just released new version, if you read release notes you can see there at the bottom what comes in next version :)
Exactly what you are asking here ...

Hope you will test the new version, if you are using IPTC i am sure you will like it, if not, you will probably start using it like me :)


Yeah! :D But still no

Yeah! :D

But still no multimedia files are shown in gallery :(

And how does excacly works sysytem chceck and search?
Does it works?

Looking forward for the next release :)

System check ... there is

System check ... there is nothing jet, there will come some basic checks of version of php, GD-library and some other basic setup settings ... it should help user if something is wrong ...

... and search is working

... and search is working only with keywords from IPTC, if you for example setup keywords for every picture inf IfranView or PhotoShop, you can use this search facility.

If you do not use it, you can switch off the search box in "Themes"

sorry, my

sorry, my mistake.
Multimedia files works :) thanks

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