Demo Theme

What theme is used in the Demo displayed on Is it available to apply to my version?

Which version do you have,

Which version do you have, on the demo page there is the newest Beta version installed. This is not available for the older version.

Latest Version Installed

Hi Patrik,

I have the latest version install, or so says my setup page. Main.php says version2. Can I get the beta? Will the style sheet alone work with my version?


On the begining of main.php

On the begining of main.php there should be something like:


what do you have there?

This is all that is on the

This is all that is on the top of my main.php page.

/* (c) 2006 Patrik Jakab */
/* */
/*Licence info: */
/*GNU/GPL version2 */
/*See LICENSE fle */

I found it!

The zip file is version I have downloaded 0.4.1.beta12. Is it a good idea to upgrade? I don't find instruction for an upgrade from 0.3.

Hello, yes it is good idea,


yes it is good idea, as 0.4.x version is much much better ... and sorry but there is no real possibility to upgrade from 0.3.x version. So you will loose all your comments to the pictures and all settings. But i'm sure you will love the new admin section of 0.4.x :)

And soon, probably tomorrow comes next version which will have some more additional features like IPTC support, E-Cards, showing newest added pictures, searching after keywords which are imported from IPTC and so on, automatic setting of picture descriptions from IPTC-Headline and IPTC-Caption ...

Note that upgrade from upwards to any 0.4.x version is done automatically without loose of any data... you will have to just overwrite the old files with the new version ...


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