How do I create Photoalbums?

I have installed by hand all the files in the /phpAlbum/ direcotry of the site. Then I configured it and the configuration has finished correctly.
Now when I upload files in the /phpAlbum/photos/ directory all new photos are correctly visualized from the home page, but I cannot and don't know how to create Photoalbums that are visible from the main page at the link "Photoalbums" that for the moment is not active.

Please help me!
Thanks in advance

Hello, welcom on phpAlbum

Hello, welcom on phpAlbum board !:)

It is just as easy as creating subdirectories in phpAlbum/photos/ directory. You can then upload photos in that subdirectories.

It is working like some kind of file explorer, it shows you the directories and files ...


yes it is easy

You are right! Thanks very much!

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