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first of all, your software looks great - I love it!

There's a feature, I would really like to see in the album overview:

What do you think about 'album highlights', user definable thumbnails for each album instaed of the standard folder image.

Selection of highlight image could either be done with the main configuration or by placing an image with a special name into the album folder (something like '__highlight__.jpg').

Greetings, Carsten Leuzinger

Re: Next version

Hello, something like that comes with next version ... :) Thankx for posting !:)

Next Version

When is the next version coming out?

Hello David, i am still

Hello David,

i am still finishing the new version ... actually almost finished. But you can impossible plan dead lines for such a project. There are still some new things comming out if you programm other features. All i can promise is when it is out, it will be much easier to implement new features. The actual version was horrible for this ...


p.s. i said already coupple of times that "new version comes out in 2-4 weeks", and it is not happen because of ... :)

My apologies for that seen

My apologies for that seen it after submitting.

representing picture


first of all: your soft is simply great! using it for 1 week now and I brim over with enthusiasm for it!

but one thing is very important to me:
i want a kind of representing picture for each foto-event instead of this folder icon.
is it posible to define a thumbnail for each folder, or better to choose a picture of those in the folder an to automatically create a picture for the icon in front of the name of the folder ?


Re: representing picture

no this is not yet possible, this feature comes in the next version, in one or two weeks ...


cool :) ah, one thing

cool :)

ah, one thing more:
i would like to give a friend a possibility to upload photoes and and create a new directory without giving him the whole rights to change everythig ....
is it possible to create a kind of "guest entrance" for prvileged users with these rights?
i think the uploaded photoes have to be approved by the admin first before they come online, o prevent illegal usage and stuff ...

this is the last thing i am missing , with it this soft will be perfect!


User management ( and also

User management ( and also uploading their photos ) comes in some next version ... but this aproving ability is good idea ...

What I do is grant FTP

What I do is grant FTP access by giving my friends private FTP accounts. No need for user management that way.

User management

First off great album very user friendly and I love it. Just wanted to know if the User Management will be coming out soon.

Yes, it will come soon ...

Yes, it will come soon ...

New Fetures:

Some features I would suggest:

Site : http://www.owenvanveen.com/ImgAlbum/

1. SendMail ( with send user:password authentication for mailserver )
2. Image View Counters
3. Public Upload folder ( or a way for users to add there own photo's )
4. Rotating Images ( the code is very easy )
5. Image Rating for people to vote. Along with an option to show images in order of rating.

That's It for now but i'll think of more ... I've added most of these fetures to my site, however you may wish to add them too.

BTW: check out http://php-lib.infocode.net/ for php email and image manipulation scripts, they may help you out. I'm also a php programmer and may be able to help you, if needed.


A quick feature would be sorting by file creation date, not date added to directory.

Direct Thumbnail Page link

I'd like to see thumbnail pages with links to various pages via:

prev | 1 | 2 | 3 | next

vistor defined thumbnail views

similar to your image view size defined by each visitor, I'd be cool to have visitors decide to see thumbnails by: date, rating, filename. Perhaps even choosing number of thumbnails displayed.

This will clog UI so being able to turn these on and off would be nice.

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