Random image, newest image, most visited images


the first: Many thanks for this easy and good php software.

I have Idea for new feature.

- Random Images ( function, which show random image(s) from galeeries )
- Newest Images ( function, which show last updated pictures, or last added )
- Topten Visited Images ( statsticts of most wieved images )

and, maybe, photoshow function. When I see fotos in the album, I mus many click to next button :).

My inspiration come from project Coppermine Photo Gallery. But this gallery I dont use, because my reguiment is for easy galeery, and easy upload.

I thing , this 3 function is for this project asset.

my album links: http://jakub.mracek.org/
Much luck !

I would like to see this one

I would like to see this one also!

Most commented images

If you add theese features it will be easy to add a feature to see the most commented images.

Most commented images are usually the best images, even better than most viewed images.

I also agree I would like to

I also agree I would like to see some way to add this functionality

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