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I like very much what you done so far with phpAlbum, it seems very stable and user friendly.
One thing I thought would be useful was EXIF information from the pictures, so I have integrated the code of Exifer into your code. Exifer does not require that PHP is complied with EXIF built-in and so should be ideal for just about everybody.
The Exifer code is open source so there are no worries there.

You can see it in action on my photo page here:

I have picked what I think are the most useful tags to display, including the camera model, the time and exposure info. Many more tags are available through the Exifer package if you want them.

It required only the following to integrate:

1) Exifer php file referenced in main.php
2) Send picture location to exifer function
3) Extract required info from returned array
4) pass exif info as a variable to the theme_generate_imageview_page() function
5) Adding an extra loop to the image view template to print the exif information from the array.

I have not attempted to integrate it into the admin section yet.

If you like it I can send you the files I have modified, maybe it will be of some use to you for future versions.

Thanks for the great software,
Kristian A.

Yes this would be nice

Yes this would be nice workaround to people whithout EXIF in PHP.
If you say this is that easy, i'll try to implement that ...


Yes you are right, but they

Yes you are right, but they have som nice things about "Maker Notes", these are Vendor specific encoded informations about the settings on camera when the Photo was taken. For instance white balance, flash and so on ... so probably i can use the code for implement these things.
To release the beta as stable version there are some things to be done but i hope this will happen soon :)


Could you pleas post the

Could you pleas post the link to that exifer project, i can not find it :)
Your sample link is also not working ...


Ok, i found that script.

Ok, i found that script. I'll check it ... but i see that the developing was stopped.

One more thing

I didn't see the development has stopped... it seems to work nicely anyway is is quite mature I think.
There are several advantages in using this over the PHP EXIF functions, it reads more tags, interprets the raw tags into readable formats.
Strange my link was not working, works ok for me, try this:

I know EXIF may not be important to some people but it all helps your project :)

Mostly in Beta already...

Just installed your Beta version and noticed that everything I mentiond above is already included!
Hopefully you can get some useful pointers on the tags from Exifer..
Good work though, I look forward to the new stable version.

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