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I am now using phpAlbum v0.4.1 beta 9 for my cat's pictures.

I have create a folder structure like this,

[Intertek]->[Disney Tour]->[Flora]

There are no pictures in the folder [Intertek] and [Disney Tour] but I put pictures in the folder [Flora].
The thumbnails of these two folders show "No pictures found" because of the above reason.

I think it may mislead the visiters that there are no pictures under the folder [Intertek].

Would it be possible to select pictures in other folders as the thumbnail when a folder consist only folder but no pictures?

There exist now only a

There exist now only a workaround, you could put some picture in that Folder, set it as invisible and as the picture for directory directory thumbnails in the same time.

I'll put this as feature request in phpAlbum project on this site. Hopefully come in next version.


Just thx

thx, Patrik

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