Google friendly or not?


Just installed and tested it - easy to setup and use (BTW I did a manual install)

Anyway my better half loves the way it works but I want to know if the images and gallery are Google friendly for Google itself and also Google Images.

I'll be looking at tweaking the look and feel for the admin side to make it more web'dummy' friendly and will be happy to share once I am done :)



Google friendly

My album pages are indexed by google. I think the pictures not. But i'am not sure. It is not easy to say google he should crawl my pictures :)

Yes the setup is not very self explaining, i'm also working on it but first i have to programm this flat-file database engine for phpAlbum.

Manual Sorting Facility Feature Request


Again excellent script.

One feature that would be really handy is if you can add a field in the gallery categories and the photos themselves to allow for manual sorting, i.e. 1, 2 3 ... and so on with maybe an up and down arrow next to each one so you can either use them to move the photo or category up or down in the display list or enter teh number manually in a sort number text box.



Google Friendly

I agree with Patrik that Google doesn't read images Google only when crawls the website only read text.Images basically are set for user attraction but Google only read text.

I have added a title and alt

I have added a title and alt tag to the images which is automatically generated from the album and image name, this helps google to index pages. I have also submited a sitemap to google webmaster tools which helps it ti index your pages. If you need to know how and where I can help, just send me a message.

You can submit your own here.

Using a modified version
of PHPAlbum on;

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