Image for Sub-directory

If I have a directory with directory within it an image is displayed that says "No Image Found". How can I change this? I would like it to select an image within one of the sub-directories.


This is not possible yet, it

This is not possible yet, it will be automatic in some future version. Only thing what you can do is copy that picture in your directory, set it as "invisible" but check it also to be directory picture. This way it will be used as directory thumbnail but will not be visible in that directory.


Thanks, but when I make it

Thanks, but when I make it "invisible" the "No Image Found" image is shown.

You have to uncheck

You have to uncheck "Visible" i.e. it will not be visible and
CHECK the checkbox "use for directory logo".

This way there will be no picture in the directory but the directory will have a thumbnail. It should work, i just tested it.


It does work.

Patrik, I must apologize for not reading your first post completely. I must have skimmed over the part where you mention selecting it for directory picture. It works fine.

Thanks again!

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