Dont know how to add a simple link next to MENU part

I love this script very much. And I was able to modify it very well, but there is only one thing I dont know how to do. I would like to add a simple link next to my links ... like - PICTURES - CONTACTS. But I dont know how to really link it to it. I believe its very easy but I just cannot figure it out. thank you a lot.

Hmm... i do not really know

Hmm... i do not really know what you mean. If you only need some new links in phpAlbum, you have to add them in template files ... if you want add somwhere link which links to the just make a link to

Hope i could help you, if no, just ask ! :)


thank you for Reply, I really appreciate it !

So to be more specific of what I want to do. I would like to have one more LINK next to HOME link (yours home link) which would called CONTACT and when anybody click it it would only direct him to a page with exactly the same interface of your phpAlbum but it would have contact of me and others there. The question how do I do it. Do I create fresh file colled contact.php and somehow include it into your Album (BTW i dont know how :)) or do I create a just a HTML page only for this purpose. The thing is I dont understand how is this link working with album , cmd, setup etc. at the end ( I am not really advanced PHP programmer but I like to learn. So if you can please propose me the best way of actually creating a web site where the major base is your phpAlbum (its really great stuff u did). I admire it. thank you Majo. BTW are u Slovak ? :)

A simple link

Majo; Don't know if this will help. I created a empty folder and in directories setup, added a html link Go To YourPage in alias field. Now have a new folder with link instead of folder name.

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