Maximum image size?

When I try to use PHPAlbum with 1600x1200 pictures from my digital camera, they appear in thumbnail view (and resized view) as broken image links (like you get when a picture doesn't exist). I've found that resizing them smaller, like 900x675 corrects the problem, but don't want to have to do that.

I'm guessing this is a php-GD problem because when I setup the clicked image resize to 0, it does display the full size image correctly. Any ideas?


Memory Limit

Hello Jon,

this is most time the problem of memory Limit. If look at source code of the page where you have corrupt thumbnails of big pictures. If you then extract that url for that thumbnail and put it to IE you will see the error messages. This is in Firefox not possible, there i take only the error of Firefox that this is not a picture.

In that error message you can then see that you have problem with memory limit. I already putted this queastion in to the FAQ, but forgotten to publish this page.

I will put this topic out of front page, actually no idea how you could put this to the front page, but i am glad that you crated new topic.

Ooo, the solution for your problem is ask your provider to raise the memory limit or change your provider or make the pictures smaller.


Thank you Patrik, you are

Thank you Patrik, you are correct, IE did show the memory limit error. I run my own linux server. Do you know offhand how to raise the memory limit? Thanks!

Re: Memory Limit

I'm not sure but i think you can set up this in php.ini.

Just for other's reference,

Just for other's reference, the line is in php.ini and bumping it from 8MB to 25MB seemed to fix the problem for 2 megapixel pictures:

memory_limit = 25M ; Maximum amount of memory a script may consume (8MB)


Where can I find php.ini???

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