A few comments


I'll start by saying how pleased I am to get this software workign - it wasn't easy but now it is working I am very pleased. I have a few comments:

I'm using latest version (4.2.1? - latest as of sun 26th) -

1. Where do I find versions number?
2. Somewhere on the setup pages there is a "cahnge" instead of change.
3. I tried to run the auto setup up and it didn't work.
4. I tried to manually install, and again it went completely wonky. Eventually it did install but the setup page had been totally cleared. I probably set the FTP information wrong, but just incase I'll log it.
5. I had a lot of problems with the images not displaying. I realise now that the problem is memory limit on the PHP sever, but I could have saved a lot of time if there had been a reminder on the cache settings page - but having said that, the "2M limit" on the images page did give me a clue that there might be a problem.

Wish list:

1. The main reason I'm writing is to ask for a separate number of thumbnails on each page. I really want about 10 of the larger images and perhaps as much as 100 of the very small. This really does let down a very good feature!

2. I want to allow some others to upload images to my board. Ideally, there would be some automatic way for them to upload the images only to the directory for which they have a password.

3. I like the password setting for the directories, I would like it even better if I could link it to the password settings in my newsgroup so that users need to log into my newsgroup before they can see the photos!

4. A very nice feature would be to have the same photo in more than two diretories - I know this is probably impossible but I mention it because it would be nice!

Hi, a few more comments.1.

Hi, a few more comments.

1. I expected to be able to set up new directories in: directory setup. I guess that is not possible but a comment there would be useful.

2. I like the ability to create sub-folders - that is superb!

3. I'm worried about my cache. I'd prefer to be able to set a limit and then delete the oldest thumbnails if the limit is reached rather than just keep finding that pictures are not being displayed. In fact, really it is a bug that the picture will not display.

Is it not possible to: a) define a size of cache. b) work out the size of the photo in the cache c) delete the cache until the next thumbnail photo can be created?

Hi, back again. When I click

Hi, back again.

When I click on the picture, I get a bigger version. But my first reaction if it is taking too long to display is to reduce the size, but the option for "low" isn't on the screen with the single images.

Perhaps you could make this all more generic:

1. Each display has photo size, quality, row count, column count and/or number of images per screen.
2. For each display you can decide which display you go to if you click the photo.
3. Clicking the text beneath the photo brings up the "add comment" screen with the additional text.
4. You might also allow each screen to have various sorting options.

Perhaps the selection would need to be a selection box rather than the three options. But I could e.g. have one screen ordered by date, and another by name - which would be useful.

I might also like to have two large images on a page

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