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Patik, this program is really amazing!
I am trying to set up a centralized management console for all the programs running on my website. That way, one password can be entered once to work in all of my programs. is there a way I can 'log in' to the phpalbum setup by clicking a link on my page without having to enter my phpalbum setup password? i tried picking apaprt the password entry form but what i tried based on my findings did not work.

:) So you would like to do

:) So you would like to do somthing like Oracle's SSO (Single Sign On ) :) cool.

Which version you are using? the actual one or the beta version of the new one?

Re: single sign-in

I am using the new beta. I tried working from what is reported by the login form but I was unable to get it working.

RE: Single Sign-In

It seems to me from looking at the login code generated by the login for, that the following should work. It does not.

error in previous post

When I posted the previous post, I left out the login name and password locations. It should say:


actually the &login is not

actually the &login is not necessary in that link, but anyhow it will not work.
In main.php i only check $_POST variable for the p_username and p_userpassword so you can NOT do it with this $_GET style of calling it.

You will have to make a form with this two parameters and like in phpAlbum on login page.
You can then as action put main.php?cmd=setup or put there hidden variable cmd with value setup in the form.

You can then either use button submit or do it withou a button just with some link where you use onclick="form_name.submit()" or something like that.

Hope i could help you, sorry for that late answer ...


Re: Single Signon - form

I will try it soon. Thank You very much.

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