Firstly, big thank you, i started to learn php just so i could do this but you beat me to it! Fantastic job i love it.

1. What do you think about integrating a chat room or forum for people to discuss the pictures? The commenting is good but with a forum you could create polls and good discussion.

2. Also how about a simplification of the upload form for people who don't really use computers? Maybe a simple login straight to the upload form with a directory selector available?

3. How about a thumbnail generator that resamples the images so that the file size is a lot lower, hence speeding up the loading time. So you essentially have two copies of the image, one a high res for close ups and another for the thumbnails?

4. Maybe a multiple file upload form for people who do not know how to zip several files.

5. How about a variety of frames for the photo's? Maybe you could do something with CSS and people could put there own style sheets in?

Again i thank you for this wonderful software

Best regards

Hello, 1. Ok, chat is not


1. Ok, chat is not really my thing but some type of discussion forum would be ok. Will think about it.
2. this is a good idea, would be nice to have right in the album if you have rights to do this.
3. actually what i am doing now in phpAlbum is creating thumbnails and resize photos of the originals. This is done first time the album is viewed and written in the cache directory. Next time it only reads the files from cache(meaning not browser cache but cache directory in phpAlbum).
4. this is not bad idea at all ...
5. Framing is quite complicated thing, but surely worth of pragramming this. I am trying to develop some possibility to do AddOn-s to phpAlbum so may be somehow then will develop addon like this one.

Thank your for your ideas and for sharing it with us, i wish i had more time to work on this project, but it is just a hobby for me that is why it takes so long till something new is out:)


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